Brilliant Pebbles - NES Game

Check out this extreme space shooter from Retro Wonder Workers! Guide a ship through outer space while destroying flying rocks. Get hit by a rock and your ship blows apart! Challenge yourself or friends to earn the highest score! This game is inspired partly by the arcade game Asteroids.

This game is a completely new, homebrewed game for the American Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was written in 6502 assembly. It uses an NROM PCB with 32 KB PRG-ROM and 8 KB CHR-ROM. It does not use any parts from donor cartridges; all hardware is brand new.

Tested on an original NES and some clones, working on all of them.

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Story (only fictional, I hope)

In 1985, the U.S. military launched the Brilliant Pebbles defense platform. It was part of the Star Wars space-based weapons initiative. It consisted of an unknown large number of satellites orbiting Earth. Each satellite was essentially a space cannon, able to shoot large projectiles at targets on the planet. Although officially discontinued in 1993, Brilliant Pebbles remained secretly operational.

In the year 199X, Earth was threatened by a large wave of asteroids and comets. The commanders decided to use the Brilliant Pebbles defense platform to defend the planet. The military converted the satellites into unmanned space drones. The drones were controllable from command centers on the ground.

The waves of space rocks were relentless...almost endless. They required military-space action over most of the planet's outer reaches. Each soldier was granted control over a small set of drones. If one drone was obliterated, the soldier could commandeer another. After destroying enough rocks, the soldier could earn another ship. Promotions were based on the soldier's score, which measured threats neutralized.


Up = apply positive acceleration (forwards thrust)

Down = apply negative acceleration (backwards thrust)

Right = rotate clockwise

Left = rotate counter-clockwise

Start = pause

A = jump to hyperspace

B = fire


Large rock = 1 point

Medium rock = 2 points

Small rock = 5 points


[I] = immunity

[L] = extra life

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