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Retro Wonder Workers creates new games for the American 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The organization is based in the United States (Minneapolis, Minnesota).

Some facts about my developing games:

Several completed games are available for sale. Each game includes the cartridge and a sleeve. The cartridges are made from all-new parts, including the board, shell, labels, and sleeve. I use PayPal to process payments, which is secure and accepts a variety of forms of payment.

Kickstarter Campaign

I launched a Kickstarter campaign for my tower defense game. Please check out the page to follow the game and receive updates.

Tower Defense 1990 Campaign

Checkout this game from Retroplayer.NL

A group from the Netherlands is creating the game Santa's Magical Christmas Sleigh. I'm supporting their Kickstarter campaign. Looks like a cool platformer featuring Santa as the main character. It should be available in late 2018. I got a green cartridge.

Santa's Magical Christmas Sleigh campaign

In Development...

In the next month or so, I will release Mobile App Collection. This game will be a compilation of several popular games found on mobile devices today, except I remade them for the NES. Contained mini-games include 2048, Minesweeper, a game of connecting pipes, and some color matching puzzle games. This game will use an NROM board. The ROM chips will be filled to the brim. I plan to release a cartridge for sale.

I'm working on a "castle defense" game that's similar to the indie games Monsters for the PS3 or Towers for the XBox. The new game for the NES is called Tower Defense 1990. The game will be a horizontal, top-down scroller between two screens. The player can build towers in-place of trees. A wide range of towers will exist, including towers shooting arrows, cannon balls, and fire. The player needs to defeat enemies marching in waves towards the player's castle. The game will include land- and air-based enemies of many sorts.

I also finished a side-scrolling engine that I will use in several new games. The engine is named Project Saigon. I plan to make a Vietnam War-era game that's a horizontal platfomer/shooter.

I'm also working on a crazed clown game that will use the side-scrolling engine. This game is an adventure/shooter/platformer game. The main character is a small kid with a range of weapons, including firecrackers, silly string, jump ropes, and even guns. The premise of the game is that the player's avatar needs to escape from a gang of murderous clowns. The player will explore street scenes circa 1990. Gags the clown makes an appearance. The game plays on the recent nationwide clown craze. This game will probably use the CNROM mapper.

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