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Retro Wonder Workers creates new games for the American 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The organization is based in the United States (Minneapolis, Minnesota).

Some facts about my developing games:

Several completed games are available for sale. Each game includes the cartridge and a sleeve. The cartridges are made from all-new parts, including the board, shell, labels, and sleeve. I use PayPal to process payments, which is secure and accepts a variety of forms of payment.

September 2018 Update

I finished Tower Defense 1990 for the NES several months ago. I had a Kickstarter campaign for it, which raised enough funds for me to create a complete-in-box version. The full version of the game includes a cartridge, box, and manual. I'm just about to release the regular edition of the game. It will feature a new label on the cart.

I'm working on a suite of programming tools to help developers make new games. It will include a new assembler, disassembler, emulator, and debugger. The emulator will be tied with the debugger closely; the programmer will be able to debug a game while executing it. The debugger will allow for setting breakpoints, watching variables, and analyzing performance (run time). All these tools will be command line-based. I plan to release them open source (free). They will all be in C++.

In terms of new NES games, I'm writing a four-way side scrolling engine. It will be very general purpose and could be used in an action-adventure game or a city-building simulation. I also created a new agent module that could be used in a side scroller. Agents include the player, enemies, and items.

Digital Copies of My Games for Sale

You can now buy the ROM files for the two games I completed--Brilliant Pebbles and Tower Defense 1990. You can find them under the game pages.

You could play them on any emulator, including on your phone or PC. In addition, they should work on the Everdrive.

There is a definite push for purely digital media today. Many people prefer the portability of a digital copy. Also, physical cartridges can take up a lot of physical space, especially given that a game might just be tens or hundreds of KB.

For anyone who purchases a digital copy, I ask that you not redistribute the game such as by posting it online somewhere. The sales are really built on the honor system. If you paid for the game, it seems unfair to you to give it away to someone else for free. Of course, I have no way of policing the Internet.

It also seems pointless to try to protect the IP on a cartridge. Anyone could rip/dump a cartridge. There is no DRM built into NES games. The instructions/data on a cart are in the clear. Once a ROM file gets out in the wild, nothing could stop it from spreading.

Also, if you redistribute a game, it will deprive me of sales, and I will end up making fewer new NES games. Sales of my games encourage me to produce new and better games for the old school system.

I'm currently processing digital orders manually. I will either email the ROM files or send a "secret" link to download them. If you purchase them, it may take a day or two for me to respond.

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