Tower Defense 1990 - NES Game
Expected Release: April 2018

A castle defense game from Retro Wonder Workers!

Defend the peasants in your castle from hoards of approaching enemies. Build towers which shoot projectiles. Collect coins and gems, and upgrade the towers for even more firepower. Lose all your peasants and it's game over!

Development Update: This game is in development and is a few months from completion. I began this game in early March 2016. The engine/kernel for it is complete. The game uses almost a full bank (8 KB) for instructions. The game will ultimately use an NROM cartridge (40 KB total). It will have around 24 levels. Several levels are finished. I still need to add more music and sound effects.

This game was previously named Scary Monster. I renamed it to make the concept of the game clearer.

Towers include:

Enemies include:

The game scrolls horizontally. Each level consists of two nametables side-by-side. The game will feature a variety of landscapes, including snow and ice.

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